Designer profile


Irini – Louisa Andrikopoulou

Was born and raised in Greece. Soon after getting her Finance degree and her MBA, she started her career in multinational corporations but that wasn’t her passion. Being raised surrounded by her mother’s fashion creations, she took lessons in pattern making and haute couture technics.


In 2015 she landed her first private collection of “lefkon” in Greece which stood out for it’s perfect balance of sophistication and innovation, prominent quality and sheer fitting. Her designs emphasize in strong patterns which are all handmade and rehearsed by her so that no less that perfection will lie in every garment of clothing.


Highly influenced by architecture, art and strong women personalities, she tries to create distinctive pieces of woman’s clothing that combine sophistication, minimalism, uniqueness and quality.


Brand profile


Sophistication, new minimalism, luxury through quietness and elevation of personality. 

This is what lefkon is about…

Clean lines, geometric shapes, quality imbued from the initial design conception through to the final stitching. Clothes that are exceptional, effortless and distinctive.

Emphasizing on being timelessness, combined with undertones of current trends, comfort and multifunctionality, “lefkon’s”  garments are made of natural fabrics that turn to a soft and airy embrace of the female body, making it stand out.

Creations that enclose the techniques of couture aesthetics, while maintaining a modern touch. ‘lefkon’ clothes, hand-made in Greece,  are designed for dynamic women who seek for quality and personalization.