Lefkon is the brainchild of Irini Louisa Andrikopoulou, a greek designer who is at the helm of the minimalist movement coming out of Greece. Since its inception in 2015, Lefkon has been at the forefront of the minimalist movement that coincides with the new Greek revival.


By incorporating strong geometric shapes and lines with a distinct sense of aesthetics Lefkon has become one of the most critically acclaimed brands to come out of the greek market. By winning the 2018 Emerging Designer of the Year Award at the Athens fashion week Lefkon has further established itself as the brand to watch in the coming years. Lefkon's presence can be felt in global magazines like Vogue Italia, Deux, Schön.


Lefkon’s design philosophy is deeply entrenched in a fusion of Greek shapes and Scandinavian minimalism, yet Lefkon’s appeal is universal. Each part of Lefkon’s supply-chain is transparent and sustainable and Lefkon deals with only organic and sustainable materials. Lefkon is socially responsible and fashionably ahead of the curve.