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Lefkon is the brainchild of Irini Louisa Andrikopoulou, a greek designer who is at the helm of the minimalist movement coming out of Greece. Since its inception in 2015, Lefkon has been at the forefront of the minimalist movement that coincides with the new Greek revival.
By incorporating strong geometric shapes and lines with a distinct sense of aesthetics Lefkon has become one of the most critically acclaimed brands to come out of the greek market. By winning the 2018 Emerging Designer of the Year Award at the Athens fashion week Lefkon has further established itself as the brand to watch in the coming years. Lefkon's presence can be felt in global magazines like Vogue Italia, Deux, Schön.
Lefkon’s design philosophy is deeply entrenched in a fusion of Greek shapes and Scandinavian minimalism, yet Lefkon’s appeal is universal. Each part of Lefkon’s supply-chain is transparent and sustainable and Lefkon deals with only organic and sustainable materials. Lefkon is socially responsible and fashionably ahead of the curve.

About our wedding dresses..

Realizing that women with strong personalities, unique taste, quality awareness and ethical concerns do not have choices when it comes to wedding dresses, Irini decided in 2021 to launch her bridal collection. She created wedding garments, and not only wedding gowns, that address to the modern woman who has never pictured herself in a wedding dress, who has tried all the conventional wedding gowns and din ‘t feel herself in them, who don’t identify with the mainstream aesthetic, but who seek an organic, comfortable, and distinctive outfit for their big day. For the effortless sophisticated authentic women.
She created wedding garments that are comfortable, soft, light, unconventional, minimal and distinctive. She believed that every woman who appreciates quality should afford custom tailored 100% silk wedding outfit that will be treasured in their closets for not only one day, but for many special days for generations to come. For the woman who believes in her, who is able to accept and give love because she loves herself.

Fair and environmentally friendly

We ensure that the people who actually make our products, our tailors, seamstresses, and machinists, enjoy good working conditions and are paid fair wages. All our clothes are produced in Greece and the silk is made in the Greek village of Soufli. We do not believe in mass production.
Each garment is made to order and our ready to wear selection is produced on demand so we create zero waste. We do not believe in off-shore manufacturing to save money. Keeping everything in-Greece allows us to maintain our high standards and requirements. So you know the answer to “who made my clothes”.
We only start manufacturing after your order has been placed. This way, we make sure that we only use resources that are actually needed and prevent unnecessary waste production. and facilitates short delivery timelines, reducing our impact on the environment.

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