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Wedding Dresses

Minimal wedding dresses and simple wedding dresses for the women who want to be their unique and wonderful selves at their wedding day.  

The Greek fashion designer of Lefkon, Irini Louisa Andrikopoulou creates minimal wedding dresses in bold and distinctive designs for free-spirited brides. The elegant wedding dresses in off white superior silk fabric, are ideal for the modern woman who seeks for quality, luxury and wants to feel comfortable and unique.
The fashion designer presents alternative wedding dresses and architectural wedding dresses for the unconventional bride. Beach wedding dresses but also simple wedding dresses for civil ceremony.
The wedding dress collection is custom made for the women with strong personalities.
Be your beautiful and special you at your wedding day!

Silk modern wedding dress with geometrical details on the shouldersUnique silk modern wedding dress with geometrical details on the shoulders inspired by the wings of little cupid. Eros is the Greek name of naughty little cupid. This gown is the perfect combination of minimalism, uniqueness, sophist..
Ex Tax:€1,895.16
Silk slip wedding dress with low back Elegant and sophisticated slip wedding dress made of 100% soft silk. An alluring piece that gently skims your figure.  The train gracefully glides behind you giving a smooth movement. Slightly deep neckline with a seam in the center and a mid-low ..
Ex Tax:€1,975.81
A line V neck wedding dress with a plain belt Romantic elegance silk A line V neck wedding dress emphasizing your waist and creating controlled volume in the skirt. It has a deep V-neckline in the front lining and an open back that complements your figure. The plain belt that comes wi..
Ex Tax:€1,935.48
Silk kimono wedding dress with a long plain belt This silk kimono is a unique wedding dress for sophisticated free-spirited brides. Timeless beauty. A piece that will be treasured forever in your closet. It is a great combination of unconventional luxury and absolute comfort. Silk softly surrou..
Ex Tax:€1,411.29
Silk modern bridal waistcoat with geometrical details on the shouldersEros modern bridal waistcoat is the perfect option for modern, sophisticated brides and will make an equally stunning choice for a formal event. Tailored for a perfect fit from soft slightly shiny crepe silk, its side slits will m..
Ex Tax:€1,048.39
Silk bridal trousers with side pockets Soft silk bridal trousers are the perfect choice for the unconventional, free-spirited bride. If you are looking for an offbeat wedding outfit wear our “Artemis” trousers with our vest, kimono or blouses. Create outstanding and comfortable looks with piece..
Ex Tax:€967.74
Silk minimal wedding dress with low back Flattering silhouette minimal wedding dress that skims your figure and is slightly flared towards the bottom. Effortless elegance and minimal aesthetics. This gown is made of soft-touch silk that gives you a smooth flowing move.  Deep scoop neckline..
Ex Tax:€1,814.52
Silk bridal waistcoat with a slit cut at the back An exquisite bridal waistcoat that elevates every wedding outfit. Redefine wedding outfits by showing your distinctive personality in this one-of-a-kind waistcoat. This ethereal 100% silk wedding waistcoat overlaps at the trims creating an eye c..
Ex Tax:€1,209.68
Silk wrapped wedding skirt with a tieThis silk wrapped wedding skirt gently surrounds your hips and is made of flowy slightly shiny silk. SELINI has an airy flowing silhouette. It is perfect to size fitting around your waist and has more volume towards the hem.  With its soft light touch feels ..
Ex Tax:€1,290.32
Modern silk wedding top with a halter neckline Unconventional silk wedding top for the untraditional bride and not only. A unique design bridal top that converts any wedding outfit into one of a kind. The halter top wedding dress has a detail with silk fabric-covered buttons on the shoulder. Pa..
Ex Tax:€524.19
Silk pencil wedding dress with geometrical details on the sides This silk pencil wedding dress is a feminine vintage inspired creation. The 1920 ’s aesthetics and the architect Daniel Libeskind were the inspiration of this classic yet up-to-date wedding gown. Slim-fit dress with a small train a..
Ex Tax:€1,854.84
Silk wedding belt with pleated, asymmetrical details that ties at the back One-of-a-kind silk wedding belt with pleated silk waistband that ties at the back. Handcrafted pleats inspired by Libeskind architect.  Pair this wedding belt with our ATHENA kimono, PENELOPE dress or ARIADNE vest, ..
Ex Tax:€387.10
Silk bridal crop top with halter neck This silk bridal crop top is made of smooth, slightly shiny silk and it is adjustable to sizes.  With a tied round the neck and the back guarantees a perfect fit. Simplicity in perfection. It is the perfect pair to our silk skirts and trousers for..
Ex Tax:€483.87
Bridal top with asymmetrical sides and low back Unconventional bridal top for the free-spirited bride. This exclusive blouse is the perfect match with our skirts and trouser but also a forever to love and to hold the piece in your wardrobe. Create a unique wedding gown, or even pair it wit..
Ex Tax:€1,048.39
Silk white bridal skirt with volume at the hem This silk white bridal skirt is a loose fit to your hips softly and runs to your body. The skirt has controlled volume at the bottom and has a tight fit at the waist. Create a unique two-piece wedding dress with DEMETER skirt. A minimal bridal skir..
Ex Tax:€1,088.71
Simple backless wedding dress with asymmetrical sides This silk simple backless wedding dress has a full asymmetrical skirt that creates an incredible flowing movement. The sides of the gown are open in different heights adding an even more extraordinary look. The front boat neck and the c..
Ex Tax:€1,935.48
Wedding earrings These unique handmade wedding earrings are inspired by the wings of little cupid. An architectural approach to those two wings that led your way to your big day. Our minimal suggestion for jewelry that pairs with all our wedding outfits! Pair it with all our wedding outfit..
Ex Tax:€201.61
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All our wedding dresses are custom made by hand to your own measurements for perfect fit. We provide you affordable luxury simply by avoiding showrooms and rents, and working only online
Skilled artisans make your wedding garments in hand in Patras. Every wedding outfit is handled by perfectionist craftsmen locally.
We use only 100% silk that is produced in the Greek village of Soufli, ensuring you superb quality and helping local economy.
We secure that all people who get involved in creating your wedding dress are fair paid. We care about people.
You really just have to touch and wear our wedding dresses and fell the softness of the silk, how it floats while you are moving and how comfortable and lavish they are!
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