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High waited linen trousers with pleats...
Ex Tax:€189.00
Asymmetrical long top with straps ARCADEAsymmetrical long top by fine linen fabric, inspired by Bjarke Ingels designs. Choose linen for your summer clothes and make aesthetic outfits that make you feel cool and comfortable. Pair it with NODE trousers for a total minimal outfit.Handmade asymmetric st..
Ex Tax:€149.19
Cool sweat trousers from ultra-light cotton fabric.Tousers with elastic waistband and hem. Be different, be distinctive, be unique by pairing these trousers with Pasithea Vest or Filotes kimono and Arethousa blouse for unique summer outfits...
Ex Tax:€91.00
Geometrical detailed dress with round details on the bustier and the shoulders...
Ex Tax:€195.97
Ethereal ultra- light cotton buttoned kimono with wide belt.For a minimal boho outfits. Sophisticated look perfect from the city to the beach, from day to night.Pairs perfect with Aether trousers...
Ex Tax:€148.00
Linen wide leg pants wrapped waisted NODELinen is the perfect fabric for summer clothes and these tied linen wide leg pants are the best choice for the hot summer days. They fit perfectly to every size and are the match for ARCADE top. Together they create a unique minimal outfit inspired by Bjarke ..
Ex Tax:€189.52
Geometrical detailed linen blouse with two high side opens. Pair it with Aether sweat trousers, jeans, skirts, for a distinctive style. Minimal, architectural clothes to be different...
Ex Tax:€175.00
Long linen V line vest with round detail on the shoulders.Distinctive, sophisticated, clean look vest.A piece of clothing that can be paired with dresses, jeans, trousers, skirts and upgrade your style. Pair it with Aether trousers for a minimal clothes look...
Ex Tax:€180.00
One shoulder top with pointed detail INGELSThe perfect one shoulder top to add to your minimalist wardrobe. The pointed triangle detail of this blouse gives it a distinctive twist that makes it noticeable. Ties at the back for a perfect adjustable fit. Create aesthetic outfits with this blouse. Matc..
Ex Tax:€133.06
Brand: Apple
Linen shirt with mao colar...
Ex Tax:€167.74
Unisex viscose T-shirt YOIThis unisex viscose t-shirt with open side detail is the absolute minimal t-shirt. Simple, unique and distinctive. The soft and viscose fabric makes it perfect for all seasons. Wear it day to night, with your pants, jeans, or sweatpants and be unique. Once you wear this uni..
Ex Tax:€60.48
White cotton shirtdress with asymmetrical flaps FIREIf you want your summer clothes to be distinctive and minimal then this white cotton shirtdress is for you. Inspired by Daniel Libeskind Love “Love and Fire” Garden in Netherlands, this shirtdress gives you a unique chic look. Loose fit that allows..
Ex Tax:€229.84
White jumpsuit with asymmetrical flaps LOVEIf you are looking for architectural clothes to build in your wardrobe this white jumpsuit is perfect! Inspired by Daniel Libeskind “Love and Fire” Garden in the Netherlands, this loose fit jumpsuit with multiple asymmetrical flaps has a unique design and ..
Ex Tax:€221.77
White linen top with V neck ARRISThis deep V neckline ehite linen top is the best addition to your summer wardrobe. Made by linen which is the best fabric for your summer clothes, cool and light, luxurious and fine. Pair it with NODE trousers or your jeans, wear it all the time, day to night.Handmad..
Ex Tax:€108.87
White shirtdress with asymmetrical side opens ZAHAInspired by Zaha Hadid “Riverside Museum of Transport” in Glasgow, this long sleeve white shirtdress is structured and has asymmetrical side opens. It’s unconventional design makes your look outstanstanding. It comes with a belt made by the fabric of..
Ex Tax:€229.84
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