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Brand: Apple
Linen shirt with mao colar...
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Tied bustier.Wrapped long bustierBoth models wear size os of the outfit...
Ex Tax:€102.42
Small straw belt with leather detail. Unique straw belt, 5cm high.Pairs perfectly with most of the clothes from our collection...
Ex Tax:€104.00
Large straw belt with leather detail.  Unique straw belt, 10cm high. Pairs perfectly with most of the clothes from our collection...
Ex Tax:€134.00
Brand: Apple
Big straw bustier with leather details.Unique straw belt with two leather fastenings.Extraordinary bustier, for extraordinary ourtfits!..
Ex Tax:€156.00
Tied jacket that can also be worn as blouse.Twist belted jacket / blouse. Pair it with Homados high waisted shorts and create a total minimal outfit...
Ex Tax:€161.29
Unisex black linen pants with pleats and frayed hems UKIYO Unisex black linen pants with pleats for a comfortable fit while being as breezy as ever. Pleated trousers that allow increased freedom of movement. You can wear it both as full length or as ankle swingers simply by turning around the h..
Ex Tax:€189.52
Unisex cotton black pants relaxed legged MONO Unisex cotton black pants with looser cut that allow increased freedom of movement. You can wear it both as full length or as ankle swingers simply by turning around the hem. Allow your ankles to breathe while spicing up a common formal outfit. Comf..
Ex Tax:€169.35
Unisex linen coat with frayed hems UKIYO Long unisex linen coat with frayed hems and mandarin collar. For a super cool minimal style wear this coat and style up every outfit. The frayed cuffs, collar, hem give this unisex coat an urban Avant-garde style to this coat that will become your favori..
Ex Tax:€233.87
Brand: Apple
Unisex mandarin collar linen shirt with frayed hems UKIYOThis unisex mandarin collar linen shirt has frayed hems and side buttons for style. This unique style unisex shirt without cuffs has a loose fit and minimal design. Solid black linen shirt perfect for all summer occasions. The buttons of the s..
Ex Tax:€173.39
Unisex mandarin collar shirt with MONOThis mandarin collar shirt has geometrical side opens and is straight at the hem. It is made from cotton and has a mao collar. A men shirt, a women shirt, a perfect unisex shirt for all seasons. Choose our unisex clothes and create outfits that you will wear for..
Ex Tax:€161.29
Unisex viscose T-shirt YOIThis unisex viscose t-shirt with open side detail is the absolute minimal t-shirt. Simple, unique and distinctive. The soft and viscose fabric makes it perfect for all seasons. Wear it day to night, with your pants, jeans, or sweatpants and be unique. Once you wear this uni..
Ex Tax:€60.48
V neck jumpsuit with belt STASISNotable Vneck jumpsuit with font zipper and a wide, long belt. With a V front and back neckline, this jumpsuit is made from cotton fabric and perfect for hot summer days. Wear it from day to night and be dressed up for every occasion. Balloon cut pants with side pocke..
Ex Tax:€185.48
White cotton shirtdress with asymmetrical flaps FIREIf you want your summer clothes to be distinctive and minimal then this white cotton shirtdress is for you. Inspired by Daniel Libeskind Love “Love and Fire” Garden in Netherlands, this shirtdress gives you a unique chic look. Loose fit that allows..
Ex Tax:€229.84
White jumpsuit with asymmetrical flaps LOVEIf you are looking for architectural clothes to build in your wardrobe this white jumpsuit is perfect! Inspired by Daniel Libeskind “Love and Fire” Garden in the Netherlands, this loose fit jumpsuit with multiple asymmetrical flaps has a unique design and ..
Ex Tax:€221.77
White linen top with V neck ARRISThis deep V neckline ehite linen top is the best addition to your summer wardrobe. Made by linen which is the best fabric for your summer clothes, cool and light, luxurious and fine. Pair it with NODE trousers or your jeans, wear it all the time, day to night.Handmad..
Ex Tax:€108.87
White shirtdress with asymmetrical side opens ZAHAInspired by Zaha Hadid “Riverside Museum of Transport” in Glasgow, this long sleeve white shirtdress is structured and has asymmetrical side opens. It’s unconventional design makes your look outstanstanding. It comes with a belt made by the fabric of..
Ex Tax:€229.84
Round shapped pleated skirt with belt.Both models wear size s/m of the outfit...
Ex Tax:€187.10
SweatpantsUnisex sweatpants with side pockets. Roomy and relaxed gender-neutral sweatpants without elastic ankles. Inside out seams with frayed hems and tied waist that allows you to adjust the fit to your liking. Tailored for a distanced fit and made from organic cotton are the perfect mix of struc..
Ex Tax:€69.35
Sweatshirt with short sleevesUnisex sweatshirt with short sleeves to pair with our F01 sweatpants for a perfect athleisure outfit. Distinctive structured design with front cutouts and inside out seams. Create your unique sweatshirt with shorts outfit pairing it with our F06 shorts. Made with organic..
Ex Tax:€41.94
Sweatshirt shortsUnisex sweatshirt shorts with inside out seams and side pockets. Pair it with our F02 t-shirt for a sharp athleisure set. Made from soft organic cotton.Composition: 70% cotton, 30% modal..
Ex Tax:€45.16
Sweatshirt skirtSoft wrapped sweatshirt skirt that fits perfectly to every body type. The frayed hems add a unique twist to the design. Wear it with our F04 sleeveless top for an elevated athleisure style. The sweatshirt top and bottom set that will get you through all day long.Composition: 70% cott..
Ex Tax:€52.42
Crop sweatshirt top Crop sweatshirt top with dropped armhole. A halter sleevless sweatshirt top for a unique athleisure style. Pair it with our F03 sweatshirt skirt to create a sharp sweatshirt top and bottom set, or wear it with our F01 sweatpants for a fresh athletic outfit. Composition:..
Ex Tax:€35.48
Sweatshirt jumpsuitSleeveless sweatshirt jumpsuit with inside out seams with frayed hems and side pockets. Tailored for a distanced fit and made from organic cotton so that you feel comfy. For a unique athleisure style wear this jumpsuit from day to night. Composition: 70% cotton, 30% modal..
Ex Tax:€70.16
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